Loan Grid

Case | Eason Financial
Jesse Buchmann is a finance officer at Eason Financial services in Meridian, Idaho. She works with people who are looking for home mortgages. Most clients want mortgages they can afford, and affordability is determined by the size of the monthly payment. The monthly payment is determined by the interest rate, the total number of payments, and the size of the home loan. Jess can’t change the interest rate, but homebuyers can reduce their monthly payments by increasing the number of years to repay the loan. Jess wants to give her clients a grid that displays combinations of loan amounts and payments periods so that they can select a loan that best meets their needs and budgets.
Jesse already entered much of the layout and formatting for the worksheet containing the loan payment grid. She needs your help in entering the PMT function.

Click here to open and print out the instruction.

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